Basic Law
Promotion Competition

We welcome entries in the Basic Law Promotion Competition to help promote the
Basic Law outside Hong Kong.

All you need to do is send us your proposal and you have a chance to win a US$500 e-gift voucher.
Why not get writing now!


This competition is launched by the Working Group on Overseas Community under the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee.


Proposals must be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format before 31 August 2018 (Hong Kong time).
Please prepare your proposal on promoting the Basic Law outside Hong Kong in either Chinese (one to four A4 pages, using 標楷體 in font 14) or English (one to six A4 pages, using Times New Roman in font 14). You may supplement your written proposal with a web page (with address stated in the proposal and webpage included as annex) or a video presentation (in any format within 50MB, and presented in Cantonese, Putonghua or English) of no longer than three minutes. Your proposal must be written in a clear and succinct manner, including:
  • Objective of the promotion
  • Target audience
  • Relevance of the Basic Law to those who live outside Hong Kong
  • Details of your promotion plan


Content 40%
Effectiveness 30%
Creativity 30%


  • The best two proposals will each be awarded a US$500
    e-gift voucher.
  • Ten outstanding proposals will each be awarded a US$60
    e-gift voucher.

    • In case of any dispute, the decision of the organiser will be final and binding on all parties concerned.
    • Personal data provided by participants will only be used for matters related to this event. Such data will be disposed of after the competition.
    • Proposals in whole or part may be used to promote the Basic Law outside Hong Kong in the future.
    • The organiser reserves the right to amend the rules of the competition.
    • Participants give consent to all rules of the competition by submitting the registration form.

    Announcement of results

    Announcement of Results

    Congratulations to the following winners!

    The best two proposals (each will be awarded a US$500 e-gift voucher)-
    1. Poyee Ip
    2. Calvin Chan
    Ten outstanding proposals (each will be awarded a US$60 e-gift voucher)-
    1. Louis HO
    2. Catherine LAI
    3. Man Hei LAW
    4. Man Hoi TSOI
    5. Benny Cheuk Kwan CHUNG
    6. 周健聰
    7. 尹嘉怡
    8. Wai Han LO
    9. Fion MA
    10. Spenser DABBS

    Winners will be notified by e-mail for the collection of prizes.